Monday, February 16, 2015

Laughing and Having Fun

Dear Family and Friends,

The time is at hand where we are laughing and having so much fun while doing the work.  :)  It is incredibly amazing the things that are happening and we are loving every single minute of it together.

It seems that really the last 3 months are incredibly the time to 'Smash' the work.  It just seems like everything is falling into place.  I know that it truly is Heavenly Father leading the way, and we are just instruments in His Hands.

We are working with a lot of people that are really progressing in the gospel.  It is getting a bit hotter, but that is okay. :)

Life is pretty good, and we are just preparing for the week for a conference with ELDER BEDNAR :)  It will be amazing and we will be able to get great insights of what we need to continue to do.

I love you all so much 

Elder Han


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Loving Life in the SUMMAH!

(Note from Michael's Dad: I've been bad at keeping up with posts, this one is from Feb 1st, 2015)

Hello everyone (family and friends) :)

This week has gone by too fast.  We are super great together, and have many things going on :)

We have a baptism coming up this saturday, so I'll upload pictures from there next week :)

Also this transfer was only a 4 week transfer, so this week is the last week of transfers... We will see what will happen.  O.o Hope I stay :)

Anyways, the summer here is actually quite colder than last summer so I am pretty grateful for that.

We are working pretty hard, and we are still seeing great miracles of everything that we are working with!

We had many meetings, and my old companion Elder WIlliams finished his mission, and many of or good friends will leave the mission this coming week... So sad, but I know that they will be able to help out in the real world.  

Everything is oh so good in the life of Australia.  Can't complain.  




Monday, January 12, 2015


Dear family and friends,

What a shock, but I DIDN'T GET TRANSFERRED!  I am really happy, but the only thing is that my companion got transferred... :(

It has been quite a busy week, but now I am quite happy, because my companion's name is Elder Wilkinson.  He is from Oregon, near portland. *pretty close to beaverton*  (grandma and grandpa)

Another interesting note is that he is KOREAN SPEAKING!! :)  We have only been teaching chinese people, but now we are dead set to find some korean people here in our area.

We are really excited to challenge ourselves, and yesterday we found out that we will definitely get along well, and really be able to smash this transfer.  It is a 4 week transfer.

What else?  Elder BEDNAR WILL BE COMING IN FEBRUARY!!!  SO exciting, and we will be able to hear from him.

Also, this last week, we were able to participate in FSY!  Which is EFY HERE IN AUSTRALIA!  DREAM COME TRUE

We were able to help teach a class where the FSY youth were able to practice to teach the commandments.  It was super fun, and my EFY experience was fulfilled during that time.

We also cleaned up the apartment a bit, and I was able to find 2 EFY shirts.  I still don't remember if I left the other EFY shirt back at home, but now I have 2 more!  :)

Anyways, it is good.

Besides that here are a couple pictures.



1. Me and Elder WIlkinson
2. FSY
3. FSY picture of me blinking




Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

This week was fantastic, because Lucy our investigator was baptized.  She is amazing and is one of the best people I have ever taught.

It was also transfer week, but I AM STAYING!  YAYAYAYAYAY

I love this area and the people in it.  So grateful for that, but everything else was alright.

We ended up singing for Sunday twice, and it was just ok. :)  We have been blessed with so many amazing things, and we are so excited for the future.

This Christmas will definitely be a great christmas.

For thanksgiving, I was just able to show gratitude, but we didn't celebrate it.  I think we had subway that day. Haha




p.s I have become super black...

P.P.S those are our missionary buddies in the same area.  :) THEY ARE SO HECTIC! (AWESOME)




Monday, November 3, 2014

Trunk or Treat!

Well, it is beginning to be November...  Time has been too fast!  However, we are super excited for what we have been doing here in the work.  A lot more people are listening to our message and definitely coming closer to Jesus Christ.  We are trying our best to work with all our might, and to continually learn and grow ourselves.

One of our mottoes is this: Study, believe, love, live and teach.  In the Preach My Gospel (our study manual) it says that is what we must do.  I totally agree.  For anything really we need to do that.  If we have a job or a hobby, we need to study about it, believe we can achieve it, love it, live what it is, and then help others learn it.  It is a never ending cycle of life.
Anyways, our ward had an activity celebrating Halloween.  It was called trunk or treat, where people would bring their cars to the church and decorate their 'boots' (trunks) and give lollies out (candy).
It was awesome.
Besides that, we are super excited for this month!!
Love you all so very much, and hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Han

Monday, October 27, 2014

I am Chinese :)

Dear family and friends,

Apparently, I am chinese.  Haha, one of the members thought that I was Chinese, and just commented on how when I go back home, I will be able to do the work there as well.  I just nodded my head, and accepted the fact that one day I would be chinese.  :)  Especially here in my new area (I've only been here for 2 months now) and people speak to me in Chinese.  I kind of wish I studied it before, so I can understand what they are saying to me. 
Anyways, this week has been pretty good.  We were able to get a lot of things done, and succeed in many of our goals. 
It is amazing to see the change of missionaries and how fast we adjust to new things.  Especially new companions. 

Elder Reiner is super funny, and he loves music.  One could say that he is a professional whistler.  I am practicing, but nevertheless my whistling skills are not progressing.  Insomuch, I have given up the course of Whistling 101
Besides that, I am doing well. :)


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New transfer - Bitter sweet

Hey Friends and Family!
Bitter Sweet news.  My companion got transferred, :( but I got a new companion. :) And guess what (SHOUT OUT TO MY GERMAN SPEAKING MISSIONARIES) He is German! 
His name is Elder Reiner, and he is super German.  It reminds me of all the german friends I had back home. :) 

Anyways, the work here is progressing and we are seeing so much success.  It is seriously unbelievable.  We are able to see the changes, and things that can help our area grow.
Same old in the university work.  We are teaching a lot, and seeing many amazing successes.  We have some baptisms scheduled for next month, so I will keep you posted.
I decided that I would just send heaps of pictures, so here you go!



This is my companion Elder Reiner :)
Hab dich lieb! ♥